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Read What Purse Suits Best To Your Body Type

Handbag Wearing outfit according to your body type is a must if you want to look perfect. But do you know the other accessories you are carrying should also be in sync with your body type and outfit and same applies to purses? We normally take purses as just a carrying bag and sometimes buy wrong ladies purse online without considering our body type. Yes, you read it write, body type.


You may have many different purses for different occasions but are these purses are according to your body type? You must be thinking why you need to consider your body type before buying any purse. Carrying a wrong purse which not according to your body type and outfit can spoil your whole look. So, your purse should always be in proportion to your body type. Here we are sharing some basic tips which will help you to buy right purse:

Straight Body Type

If you have straight or rectangular body shape, then choose unstructured , soft and larger handbag or purses to compliment your body type. Having a straight or rectangular body shape gives an athletic and less feminine look, so choosing contrast to your body shape gives perfect look. You can wear bucket purse with casuals, top-handle purse with formals but keep it in your mind that your purse should not be square or very structured.

Petite Body type

If you are petite, then big sized purses can really bad on you, so you should go for the relatively smaller sized bag. The Smaller purse will match your body type more nicely. And one more thing that you can do is to go for a taller purse rather than wider one. Saddlebag purses look awesome on petite body type. If you have many things to carry and you want large purse then go for a structured purse with a short strap.

Curvy Body Type

Curvy girls should go for structured purses as slouchy purse don’t go well with their body type. Choose a purse which is more angled than rounded. You can go for square shaped purses and totes. For ladies with the heavy upper body or busty women, short straps purses are big No-No. Whereas if you have heavier lower body or apple shape, then choose short strap purse that should place closer to the bust.

Overweight or Plus sizes

Plus sizes can also be straight, petite or curvy, so if you are plus size, then you always pick larger purse but do mix it with above recommendations. Like if you are plus size but straight body type, go for a larger purse but unstructured one. A tiny purse or clutches will just not look good on you. So choose consciously.

I hope these recommendations will help you to choose the best purse for you. You can buy all these types of purses at Deniza World. The Deniza World is a big seller of ladies purse online. We have great variety in purses, you can choose any of it according to your body type, outfit, and occasion. So shop with us now!


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