We do not follow trends but we create styles in latest hand bags and purses

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce new styles and comforts in the leather arts we craft for you as we know you carry your world in it. The modesty you conceal in a hand bag is an extremely private affair as we consider it and tailor the pouches accordingly to make you able to nestle your make up accessories, sun glasses, combs and brushes, deodorants, mobiles, cash, cards and so on and each one of them in an exclusive space just meant for them. The latest hand bags and purses we make for you are the result of a huge contemplation from the users’ perspective.


Hand bags being the most loved accessory of a woman, we integrate novel styles which were never used before in the drapes and folds of the super fine leather. We ensure that the material we use is cruelty free as we do not even think of hurting our beloved clients as they are sensitive and fragile. We have passionate craftsmen who know women and their tastes fondly to create the pieces which are close to their heart. We want the models to be innately stylish at the best of quality and an affordable price ultimately to impress you.


The splendid online store has been set up to make buying a seamless affair for you as we understand you are busy multitasking as women are omnipresent. The virtual plethora of collection literally can lure you with the right tone of colors, patterns and prints for the meticulously tailored shoulder bags, uber-cool totes, innately sophisticated slings and wallets, classy hand held bags, funky satchels and the well composed collection of canvas-leatherette pieces. It is our word to give you that they are just perfect for every occasion be it a glittery party or a busy work day or a week end sojourn.

The leather crafts as we fondly call them are in a seamless fusion of utility and panache. The eco-friendly premium quality canvas is draped into the perfect fold to get the right embellishment along with the chosen buckles and accessories in antique, silver, gold, brass to enhance the aesthetics of your perfect partner. They are huge yet so feathery on weight and enduring to the core. Add to your collection of pouches the different styles, patterns and colors. However, we craft these durables keeping in mind the fashion loving people of India as these bags and wallets are meant for both ethnic and modern wear. So, select a tote or a sling bag from our exquisite range of products, and you will absolutely adore them with all the pride as the simplest things are hardest to find many a time in the latest hand bags and purses.


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